Truck Shocks


King Shock Technology / King Shock Australia are specialist manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders which were originally designed specifically to successfully deal with the extreme conditions experienced in Off-Road Racing & Rally Raid style events such as the Baja 1000 & the Dakar Rally.

King US and Australia have jointly developed a range of hydraulic cylinders/shocks for Road Transport, incorporating our famous world leading Off-Road Race Technology.

We are soon to release an EXTREME condition shock for both Prime Mover & Trailer. These shocks have evolved from an ongoing program of Research and Development which first commenced in the Tanami Desert in July 2012.


King Truck Shocks - King Shocks Australia

KING manufacture only MONO tube shocks all of which have the Nitrogen gas separated from the hydraulic fluid by a second floating piston. This significantly improves on road performance when compared with a twin tube emulsion design, particularly in difficult or severe conditions.

The material used in the manufacture of King Shocks undergo a certification process similar to that used by NASA (National Space Agency). This testing significantly reduces the likelihood of failure due to material faults..

Benefits of King Trucks Shocks

King Truck Shocks Technology

King Shocks’ extensive experience in successfully overcoming the engineering challenges when dealing with the extreme conditions of Off-Road Racing , has evolved into our sophisticated & patented technology which we continually strive to improve.

If you require the very best in progressive & effective control of the energy generated by the suspension of both your Prime Mover & Trailer, King is your answer . The financial benefit derived from a KING equipped rig far outweighs the initial cost.