Short Braking Distance

King Truck Shocks are designed to enhance the performance of your breaks by reducing braking distances.

Sizing Options

Several upgrade options available with most shocks.

Extremely Durable Components

Significant reduction or elimination of fatigue on both DRIVER & RIG, resulting in extended service life of Prime Mover, Trailers, Tyres etc.

Easy Shock Tuning & Service

All shocks are serviceable & are able to be upgraded to the latest spec at routine service intervals.

Minimise Damage To Freight

Reduction in damage to freight, particularly when fitted to both truck & trailer.

Unique Applications

King Shocks can be customized to suit your unique application. There are various sizing options and upgrades available for our shocks to suit almost any vehicle.

Low Cost

Having your King Shocks serviced by a listed dealer can help to ensure reduced maintenance costs.